Other Projects

CENTER FOR DIGITAL IMAGING ARTS – BOSTON UNIVERSITY: Conducted a major revision and directorial leadership of the 24-week Digital Filmmaking course.  Also Developed and installed a ‘moodle’ course management system, designed to bring academic standardization for all the center’s courses, spread across two campuses and taught by a wide variety of instructors.

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY: Designed and developed ‘The Institute for the Digital Image,’ an entrepreneurial venture of the School of Communication intended to offer vocational training and professional development in digital photography and print making.

UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX/UK RESEARCH COUNCIL: Orriginator of The Homework Project, a mobile learning system, aimed at creating a link between school and home learning activities.

ADVICE 4 PARENTS: Orriginator of a telephone based service for providing advice and guidance with parents helping their children do their school work at home. This service is being developed in association with the London Knowledge Lab.

THE LEANSTARTUP HQ: Built a social learning network that provided a collaborative social office, tools and resources for entrepreneurs of all ages.

TENDER LOVING CALLS:Created and built an automated reassurance telephone service and social learning site for family caregivers. Designed for helping people care for their aging loved ones from a distance. www.tenderlovingcalls.com

THE INSTITUTE FOR DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS: Created an informal online learning college based on social network technology that provides professional raining courses for those interested in all aspects of digital media.

SCHOOL OF NURSING – UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND: Created an educational multi-user social networking web site which provides a base for nurses across the US who are interested in environmental health issues to communicate, collaborate and engage with each other.

ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING SERVICES UK: Consultant on the future of Electronic Publishing.

INSTANET – NEW YORK: Provided of web based collaborative services that facilitated on-line communication for Instanet global financial consultants.