Video – Online and Broadcast

INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING WORKSHOP at AMERICAN UNIVERSITY: Producing and building new interactive versions of FRONTLINE/PBS documentaries about Superbugs, as well as exploring new storytelling techniques for VR production.

THE WALTERS MUSEUM – INTERACTIVE EDUCATIONAL TV: The mission was to connect people and live events through a small hand held video camera connected to the new live stream service. This wireless camera streams live ancient world field trips allowing students to experience the works of art as if they are actually in the galleries and ask the presenter questions about what they are seeing, in real time.

PRE-K TV: The ideation of a major television service designed for pre-k children and their parents.

OPEN MIND PRODUCTIONS: Strategic consultancy on the development of an e-learning strategy for the major B.B.C. Pre-K Math TV series ‘NumberJacks.’

FRONTROWMUSIC.TV: A self-funded online delivered music TV station. Performances were recorded live, with a six-camera HD TV truck and delivered via an early OTT TV platform.

PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICE (PBS): Provided strategic consultancy to the Vice President of Children’s TV on the development of interactive TV products linked to TV series.

PEARSON PUBLISHING: Developed Pearson Broadband Educational TV service, designed to be delivered by an on-line course management system.

Developed ‘RESULT,’ a UK nationwide on-line learning and digital educational TV service for 16 to 18 year olds studying for public examinations.

CHANNEL 4 TELEVISION: Provided strategic consultancy on the development of a interactive TC  strategy for the educational TV department.