About The Homework Project

The HOMEWORK system was an interactive Maths education system for children aged 5 -7 years that used a combination of interactive whiteboard, tablet PC technology and some bespoke software. This software consisted of lesson planning, classroom control and home use components. The system contained a rich set of multimedia and associated interactive numeracy resources. Teachers used the software to link these resources together into lesson plans. In the classroom, the interactive whiteboard was used for whole class activities and each child also had their own tablet PC for individual and small group activities. The teacher could control the classroom activity from her own tablet PC and could allocate new activities or send messages to individuals or groups of children in real time. When planning each lesson the teacher could also decide upon homework activities and allocate them to individual children’s tablets as appropriate. After school, the children took their tablet PC home with them and used it at home or elsewhere, individually or with parents. At home, in addition to homework activity set by the teacher, the tablet provided access to the resources used in class that day and in previous sessions (irrespective of whether the child was actually in school or not) and information for parents about the learning objectives to which these activities related. There were also links to other relevant fun activities, and a messaging system to support parent and teacher communication.